Welcome to Waikiki Banyan’s Web pages, authorized by the Board of Directors of the Association of Apartment Owners of Waikiki Banyan, Inc. The information available through these pages is intended for Waikiki Banyan apartment owners and their legally authorized representatives.

Banyan News in Brief

October 24, 2014

Garage Spalling and the Rec Deck. The top floor of the garage is the recreation deck, made up of post-tensioned concrete slabs. The seams between slabs are not visible on the rec deck as they are covered by a surface coating, then elastomeric and paint coats. From the garage we can see the bottom of the slabs and the seams between them.

Over the years water has penetrated the concrete slabs at the seams and caused significant rebar corrosion, in turn leading to spalled concrete. Further, the post-tension cables at the edges of the slabs have been exposed and corroded as the ducts they were in have suffered disintegration over the years.

Recently, large concrete pieces fell from the damaged slabs. This is an obvious safety hazard. After cleaning up the fallen concrete, our Maintenance crew set up a scaffold and removed any loose concrete they could find. We plan on repairing and replacing the corroded rebar and concrete, but that alone does not address the source of the problem.

The worst damage is along a seam that happens to be under the planter that forms the mauka wall of the swimming pool area on the rec deck. The second seam that is badly damaged is next to the planter. We need to reseal these seams on the rec deck before we repair the damage to the slabs in the garage.

To that end we will be cutting back the hedges in the planter, then removing them carefully in order to minimize damage and reuse them when the project is done. Next, we will remove all the earth in the planters so we can access the top of the seam and apply a commercial-grade sealant that should prevent further water damage for years to come. Once the seal is done, we’ll replace the earth and plants.

We regret the inconvenience this project will cause; we plan to close off a portion of the rec deck to hold the earth we remove, and access to the pool and spas will be limited to the ewa-side gate.

Drain Line Replacement. Work is proceeding on the Tower 2 03 stack according to schedule. So far we have been able to access all units.

Please remember that if we find modifications to the wall of your unit’s bathroom where we have to replace the drain line, we will replace the wall only to the original as-built specs; that is, we will replace the drywall and paint only.

As Maintenance does the work, they are finding a few instances of damaged unit plumbing components, such as corroded toilet flanges. Replacing the commode would lead inevitably to a water leak into the unit below. To prevent this happening, I have told Maintenance to inform the unit owner and agent of the damage and not to replace fixtures and finish restoration until the damage has been repaired by the owner or agent.


September 19, 2014

Drain Line Replacement. Maintenance has started on the Tower 2 03-stack of units. As expected, the work is going more slowly than that in previous stacks. Prep work must be done entirely within each unit’s bathroom, and there is room for only two men to work. To maintain functionality, we are removing and replacing the toilet after prep, when the drain line is replaced and during restoration work as necessary.

Beyond the difficulty of working in this environment, we must ensure that no water comes down the drain line while it’s open. The only way we can do this is to visit each room in the stack after water has been shut off. Our staff will flush toilets and ensure that large volumes of water are not being stored. We understand that you may need small quantities of water for drinking and cooking so we will not remove all water from your unit.

It is very important that no water be put down any drain in your unit. This includes kitchen sinks, vanity sink, toilet and bathtub; all these drains connect with the main line that is being replaced. Any water that comes down while the drain is open will slow down the work and may delay the project.

We have revised the work schedule based on our initial experience. While we will try and follow this schedule, please be aware that it may change.


September 4, 2014

Drain Line Replacement. We have finished replacing the main kitchen drain lines in both towers. Next will be the combined drain lines in the adjacent end units and units adjacent to the elevators in each tower. This work can only be done from within apartments and entails a complete water shut off for the day of pipe replacement. Consequently, we expect these stacks to take longer to complete than the stacks we have done so far.

damaged decorative planter

Recreation Deck. We are taking some time before starting on the next stack of drain lines to do some work on the rec deck.

We are continuing to remove autograph trees from the decorative planters that have been damaged by the trees’ aggressive root systems. Over the longer term we intend to replace the damaged planters with free-standing planters, thereby opening the area of the barbecues both visually and spatially.

Our immediate project is removing the putting green that fronts the Snack Bar. The putting green was installed in an attempt to expand the recreational possibilities of of the rec deck. Unfortunately, its use by young people wielding drivers and real, as opposed to plastic, golf balls has made this amenity more of a liability and nuisance. Once the area is clear it will be sealed and repainted, then we plan to install additional outdoor tables.


August 27, 2014

Drain Line Replacement. Next week we should finish the drain line replacement for the Tower 1 08-stack of units. Next will be the first of the most difficult stacks to work in, the Tower 2 03-stack.

Tower 2 03-stack schedule

Prep work is scheduled to begin on units 603, 703 and 803 in Tower 2 on Thursday, September 11, with the first drain line replacement scheduled for units 603 and 703 the following Tuesday, 9/16. Restoration work in 603 and 703 will start on Wednesday, 9/17, and should take about three days. Prep work on units 903 and 1003 will start on 9/18, and work will continue to follow this pattern for the entire stack.

As the accompanying table shows, we expect to be able to replace the drain lines for two floors a week. Since we must replace pipe from the floor above the unit being replaced, we will be working on three floors a week. In the table, the column labeled “Stage” indicates work being done from a unit for the unit below; for instance, work will be done in 803 on 9/16 to replace the drain in 703. The line in 803 will be replaced the following week from 903, and so on.

Preparation work consists of removing the toilet to cut open the wall that covers the drain line, then tacking the cut-out section of drywall back and replacing the toilet. When the old line is replaced Maintenance will again remove the toilet, do the replacement, then replace the toilet. Maintenance will take care to protect your unit from the inevitable drywall dust with drop cloths and plastic sheets.

The table is more detailed than the earlier table we published, but is still preliminary. We will refine it as Maintenance gets a clearer idea of how much progress they can make each week; we’ll know more after we do the first two units.


July 25, 2014

Air Conditioners. Summer is a time of high occupancy and heavy air conditioner use at Waikiki Banyan. Not coincidentally, it is also a time of many complaints of water leaks from air conditioners.

Air conditioner maintenance is important; your machine should have its filter cleaned and coolant checked at least every six months. Properly maintained air conditioners still produce condensation, but in amounts that usually evaporate before becoming a problem. With heavy use, more likely in Hawai‘i than more temperate areas, especially in summer, that condensation increases and may not evaporate before dripping down onto other apartments. This is much more likely to happen if your air conditioner has not been properly maintained.

It is also important to make sure you have an evaporation pan (drip tray) under your air conditioner. This will collect condensation and allow it to evaporate rather than run off your lanai. If your drip tray overflows, that is a message that your air conditioner needs immediate servicing or replacement.

Swimming Pool Protocol. Our pool is a popular amenity, especially in summer. Unfortunately, popularity can cause problems.

Both our House Rules and rules posted at the pool describe the parameters for pool use. Among these rules are some that address the most common offenses: no large flotation devices are allowed, “horseplay” or loud and boisterous behavior is prohibited, and diving into the pool is not permitted.

The most frequent offenders of our rules are children, and it is their parents’ responsibility to control their impulsive behavior.

Security will do its best to respond to and control unruly behavior, including removing offenders from the pool, but we don’t have continuous Security coverage of the rec deck and pool area.

Another of our rules states that “The pool and the surrounding areas are for the exclusive use of occupants and guests.”

If you witness people breaking our rules or if you have reason to believe that someone using our facilities is neither a resident nor a guest, you should contact Security. You can call 922-7172 from your cell phone or call directly from the pay phone in the elevator lobby.


July 2, 2014

Tower 1 Heat Pumps. Despite strong winds, the helicopter lift went well and all three new heat pumps were carried to the rooftop. Honeywell has been working to install the new pumps, bringing them online as they go in order to make a smooth transition from the old heat pumps.

Waikiki Banyan Maintenance is removing the old heat pumps, dismantling them and lowering them piece by piece down the stairwell.

Transient Accommodations Reporting. The first form we published for reporting transient accommodations information to the Association was based on the best information then available, prior to the state Department of Taxation’s establishment of its online reporting page.

Now that we’ve used the state’s online page, we have revised our reporting form to correspond with the sequence and information required by the state. This form is now available through the tile to the right. Please use this revised form for any future reporting you may need to do.

Please note that the state requires you to report to us any changes in the status of your unit as transient accommodation within 60 days of that change. In turn, we are required to report that information to the state.

Exterior Repair. The project is nearing completion, with Raymond’s workers now addressing the garage supporting columns. Some of these columns have serious concrete damage due to spalling, but the majority seem to be sound, needing only repainting. When the damaged columns have been repaired, we plan to revise the rec deck pool area drainage, as that seems to be related to the spalled concrete we’ve observed.


June 4, 2014

Pool & Spa Maintenance. The pool and spa are closed until June 16 for routine annual maintenance. We will be repairing pool coping stones, patching the turf carpet around the pool, and removing corrosion from spa hand rails. Banyan Maintenance is also repainting the surface of the spa enclosure and the pool deck.

If we finish work on the pool area before the 16th, we’ll open the pool early while we continue work on the spas.

Exterior Repair. Work on the towers is substantially complete. Raymond’s had some minor issues to address on the towers and is now finishing work on the garage columns.

Overall we are very happy with the quality of the work Raymond’s has done, particularly on concrete repair. The new paint scheme has rendered the building visually clean and pleasing, while providing the crucial first layer of defense against water intrusion and concrete damage. We are now looking into the possibility of having the building washed periodically to remove the air-borne particles and pollutants that degrade both the appearance and efficacy of the new paint.

Tower I Heat Pumps. Installation is scheduled to start next week. The helicopter lift is planned for Thursday, 6/12. FAA regulations will require at least one street closure, and possibly two depending on whether the lift is staged from Ohua or Paoakalani Avenue. In any case, the top floor of Tower 1, the rec deck, porte cochere and lobby will all have to be evacuated for the duration of the lift. Our experience with past helicopter lifts suggest we can expect a duration of about an hour.


April 14, 2014

Annual Meeting: 3/28/14. Thank you to all owners who responded with their proxies. We had a quorum and were able to conduct the Annual Meeting in Accord with Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §514B.

Directors Lou Palmer and Wayne Bennett were returned to the Board, and Director Karl Springman will continue to serve until next year’s Annual Meeting, as the assembly was unable to elect a third director despite several ballots.

With three seats open at each Annual Meeting, successful candidates are those who receive the three highest vote totals and more than 50% of the votes of the members of the quorum constituting the meeting. Note that the successful candidates must each receive more than 50% of the quorum’s votes.

Transient Accommodations Reporting Law: Act 326. We have had good response from owners and agents and we are now entering the information into the state’s database. This is time-consuming, since we must enter each record individually. Please keep in mind that if any of your information changes, you must inform us within 60 days of the change so we can report that information to the state.


March 21, 2014

Transient Accommodations Reporting Law. If you rented your apartment for a period of less than 180 days last year, then you are probably aware of Act 326, passed in 2012 and effective this year.

Act 326 was passed to facilitate the state’s collection of the transient accommodation (TA) tax. It requires TA operators to report their activities between January 1, 2013 and January 14, 2014, to their AOAOs. This means that if your unit was run as a transient accommodation and rented to any person for a period of less than 180 days, you must report that to us by March 31, 2014.

We are sending more detailed information with this month’s mail out from Hawaiiana Management.

The Association must then report that information to the state’s Department of Taxation by April 30, 2014. From that point on, we will have to report transient accommodations information to the state each year by December 31.

If you have to report transient accommodations information, you can use this reporting form. You can return the completed form to us by email, fax or regular mail.

Annual Meeting: 3/28/14. We have received more proxies and our latest count shows us at just under 50% owner representation by proxy. If all proxies are picked up by those designated to receive them, and we have a good turnout of owners in person, then we may have a quorum. If you have not sent your proxy, please do so by 4:30pm HST, Wednesday, 3/26/14.


February 28, 2014

Annual Meeting Continued. The 2014 Annual Meeting had to be adjourned due to lack of a quorum. On the night of the meeting we had 44.9% of the ownership present in person or by proxy: close but insufficient. According to our Bylaws we need more than 50% representation to constitute a quorum. The meeting was scheduled to be reconvened at 6:30pm on Friday, March 28, at the Pacific Beach Hotel.

We will mail out new proxies for the continued meeting, but if you sent in your proxy for the adjourned meeting by the deadline of February 19, it will be good for the continuation; you do not have to send in another proxy. Unfortunately, it would cost more in time and labor to send a mailing targeted only to owners who have not returned a proxy, so all owners will receive this mail out.

If you did not send in a proxy for the adjourned meeting, please take the time to complete and return the new proxy.

As well as being mailed out, the proxy form is available for download in both English and Japanese versions.

Exterior Repair. Raymond’s Painting has finished the 07 stack of Tower 1 and moved that rig over to the 01 stack. Work on the 09 stack is in the final clean up phase so finishing the stack this week looks realistic. The 09 stack rig will move around to the mauka-facing 01 stack sheer wall next week.

One factor that complicated work on the 09 stack and has affected progress on other stacks during the project is water from apartment lanais. Some air conditioning units produced excessive condensation to the point that they leaked water down the building and onto fresh paint: not a good mix.

All apartments have air conditioners and all air conditioners produce condensation. To control the amount of condensation your a/c unit produces you should plan on having it serviced about every 6 months. You should also have an evaporation tray (drip tray) under the a/c unit to catch condensation, which should never overflow the drip tray for a properly maintained unit.

I’m still amazed at the amount of concrete repair work Raymond’s Painting has done. They are sounding the building for hollow spots as they go in an effort to find and repair every instance of rusted metal and spalled concrete. Before they pour new concrete, the drop is closely inspected by the engineer who drew up the specifications for the job. This process should ensure that we get a long-lasting job.

Bicycle/Moped Parking. Maintenance is making good progress in building the bicycle/moped parking enclosure. Once the bike cage is complete, you will need your security door key to open the gates. We are also developing a registration process that will require you to register your vehicle with the Admin office and, if you are not an owner, provide proof of occupancy at Waikiki Banyan in order to park in the bike cage. We hope these measures will clear out many of the vehicles that are parked by non-residents as well as provide a greater measure of security for your bike or moped.


January 22, 2014

Annual Meeting: Proxies We just mailed a second Notice of Annual Meeting together with the proxy form. We thank those owners who have returned their proxies; you don’t need to return another. If you have not sent in your proxy, please take the time to do so right away. If we do not receive enough proxies for a quorum, we will have to adjourn the meeting and reconvene at a later date. This is a waste of both time and money.

As well as being mailed out, the proxy form is available for download in both English and Japanese versions.

Lobby Parapet Paint. Our Maintenance staff took a break from drain line replacement to take care of some other jobs. One of these was repainting the lobby parapet to match the new building color. In the process we installed bird spikes to keep our local feathered friends from perching and nesting in and around the lobby.

Our “Waikiki Banyan” sign facing Ohua Avenue was removed, renovated and repainted and now is clearly visible from the street.

Bike/Moped Cage. Another job that Maintenance is fitting in is building a secure area for bicycle and moped parking. We intend this area to be surrounded by chain link fencing and accessible with a key available only to owners and residents.

We expect this will not only keep bikes and mopeds more secure but also will keep the area free of vehicles belonging to non-residents.


December 13, 2013

2014 Budget. The Board has approved the 2014 budget, which calls for an increase in maintenance fees from $360 to $400 a month, effective February 1, 2014.

The main drivers of this increase are the continuing escalation of the costs of utilities, particularly electrical, the rising costs of maintaining our 33 year old building and the statutory requirement that we maintain fully funded reserves for a 20 year period.

The Board is continuing to research sub-metering of all units. Right now, sub-metering would cost about $800 per unit. While this seems high, it may be that ROI would be achieved in only a year or two. Our research suggests that we could expect a 20% to 30% reduction in building electrical usage with sub-metering.

2014 Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm Friday, February 21, 2014 at the Pacific Beach Hotel. You should soon be receiving a mailout that includes a proxy form. In addition, the proxy form is available for download in both English language and Japanese language versions.

When you receive the proxy form, please fill it out, sign it and return it to us. You may designate a specific proxy holder or you may simply assign it for quorum only. In either case, please return it so we may have the meeting as scheduled. If we do not have a quorum, we will have to schedule a continuation meeting and double our costs.

Rec Deck We have started removing some of the autograph trees from the decorative planters on the rec deck. The first to go were the trees next to light poles. Over time we will remove all these trees so we can remove and replace the deteriorating planters. While this item has been on our agenda for a while, our staff has just been too busy with more important projects to really address it.


November 6, 2013

Drain Line Replacement Project. We are nearing the halfway point in this major in-house project, having replaced 8 of our 19 building drain lines; I estimate that the project has about another 1½ to 2 years to go. Waikiki Banyan is unique in having a Maintenance staff capable of accomplishing this project without using outside contractors.

The project involves three phases: preparation, actual drain pipe replacement and restoration. Of the three phases, the easiest and fastest stage is the pipe replacement, which typically takes only one day. We have been working on the lines that are most accessible while Maintenance has developed their procedures for the job, and the least accessible lines are still ahead of us. There are several lines that can only be replaced from inside the units in a stack.

One problem facing our staff is the fact that the majority of apartments in Waikiki Banyan have been modified to some extent; this is to be expected in a 30-plus year old building. Part of the in-unit preparation for the job involves moving or removing appliances, fixtures, cabinets and counters in order to get to the section of wall covering the drain line. If your unit has a custom or highly modified interior with components, such as granite counter tops, that might be damaged by removal you might want to consider having those components removed by specialists of your choice. While our Maintenance staff is skilled and careful, we can not guarantee that custom components will not be damaged during removal. If that happens, the Association cannot be liable for replacement, since our responsibility extends to as-built original configurations only.

When it comes to restoration of units after a drain line segment has been replaced, we will restore the unit to its as-built configuration; each owner or agent will have to make individual arrangements to restore the modified or customized section of the unit that was affected by the work.

We are going to draw up a schedule of the remaining drain lines to be replaced so we can provide as much notice as possible to owners of affected units. Please bear in mind that any schedule we provide may be interrupted if an active leak is discovered that demands immediate action.


October 31, 2013

Bicycle/Moped Parking. Our bicycle and moped parking area has long posed several problems. While the area is monitored by Security at the garage post, because so many people park so many bikes and the garage post is often busy, Security has a hard time preventing theft.

The area is supposed to be for the use of residents and their guests only, but it’s proven to be practically impossible to enforce that restriction. As a result, bicycles are frequently abandoned and our staff is left with the task of clearing them out.

To address these problems, Banyan Maintenance is going to enclose the area and secure it with sliding gates that will be keyed to our security door locks and Admin is developing an in-house registration system for bikes and mopeds. We expect these measures to be in effect by the end of November.

Exterior Repair. The last rig on the ewa side of Tower 1 should be moved to the makai sheer wall this coming Monday; the project is about 75% complete. Raymond’s plans to add a rig sometime in the next two or three weeks in order to speed up the work. Of course, their primary concern remains job quality.

2014 Owners’ Parking Passes. Our 2014 owners’ parking permits have been ordered. We will issue the new permits to owners or their authorized agents starting December 17, and they will go into effect on January 1, 2014.


September 26, 2013

Exterior Repair. Work is proceeding on Tower 1, with the makai side of the tower about halfway complete. Raymond’s has been finding more spalled concrete than expected, with the result that work has gone more slowly than anticipated. Our priority has been to ensure that the quality of the work is maintained at a high standard. To that end, each drop is inspected by the project engineer, Matt Scarton. His feedback has been crucial in making sure that the work is of the highest standard. To date we are very happy with Raymond’s quality of work, and we appreciate that they understand and share our priorities.

Web Site Redesign. We have just completed a substantial redesign of the Banyan website to render it responsive to mobile devices. If you are reading this on a desktop, just resize your browser to see the effect. There will be some tweaking of the site over the next few months. If you have suggestions, please .

Nadia, Olivia, Sophia

Triplets. Long-time Security Officer Bobby Sanchez’s family recently expanded dramatically. Shemariah Sanchez gave birth to Nadia, Olivia and Sophia on July 25. The triplets stayed in intensive care almost two months and are now at home and doing well.

Congratulations to the Sanchez family!


July 19, 2013

Exterior Repair. Raymond’s has substantially completed work on Tower 2. The last rig on the tower was taken down today and will be set up next week on the 08 stack in Tower 1. The 08, 10 and 12 stacks present a special challenge because the work must be staged from the extended lanai of units 608, 610 and 612. Raymond’s will set up smaller taxi rigs at the sheer walls by the garage exit in order to avoid having to go through the units. Equipment, supplies and workers will use the taxi rigs to go to the sixth floor lanai of 608, 610 and 612 and then continue work on the stacks from there. Because of these logistics, they are allowing an additional week to do the work on those three stacks.

The project is over halfway to completion. We appreciate your continued patience through the noise and disruption.

Fire Alarms. Periodically we are reminded that the high turnover of guests at Waikiki Banyan means there are always residents who do not understand that opening their unit entry door to vent cooking smoke activates our fire alarm system. Over the past few days Security has responded to a half-dozen such alarms. Please do everything you can to inform your guests not to open their unit doors to vent cooking smoke.

Recreation Deck Activity. Our rec deck is large and inviting with a variety of amenities including the pool, spas, a playground, putting green, ball court and barbecues. There is ample room for a variety of activities; there is no room for horseplay or disruptive behavior. We expect parents to control their children and adults to control themselves. If your tenants do not heed Security and control their disruptive behavior, they will be removed from the rec deck and possibly trespassed from the premises, with the assistance of HPD if necessary.


May 29, 2013

Owner’s Poll. In 2001 Waikiki Banyan owners approved a proposal to allow reimbursement of Directors’ travel expenses and a limited per diem payment to attend Board meetings. The rationale was to facilitate attendance at Board meetings by Directors who were off-island, and to encourage non-resident owners to serve on the Board.

In April, 2012, by Board direction a poll on a proposal to rescind the 2001 action was initiated. That poll has been open over a year and the total response, both for and against, has reached only 36%. As a result, the Board has voted to close the poll and the proposal to rescind the 2001 action has failed.

Exterior Repair. Raymond’s is now working on both Towers as they approach completion of Tower 2 and start work on Tower 1. We expect work to continue on Tower 2 through July. The schedule for Tower 1 has work on the ewa-side units (even-numbered) continuing to about the middle of September, and work on the Diamond Head side of Tower 1 running through October, and possibly into November. As we’ve pointed out many times, these schedules are variable and depend on factors such as the amount of concrete repair work that must be done.

Our Maintenance Department has traced the lines in the damaged electrical conduit that Raymond’s uncovered; the six lines supply power to six individual apartments. We are working with electricians on the best way to approach the problem, leaning towards running new lines from the floor electrical panel to each of the affected units.


April 19, 2013

Annual Meeting. The continued meeting reconvened on Monday, 4/15/13 at 6:30 pm at the Pacific Beach Hotel with a quorum of 55%. Mahalo to all owners who sent their proxies to allow us to conduct this required Association meeting.

Congratulations to John Wong, Dick Eide and Kenji Iwasa, who were re-elected to the Board of Directors.

At the Board’s organizational meeting following the Annual meeting the following officers were elected:

  • President: Dick Eide
  • Vice-President: Mike McGuire
  • Treasurer: Kenji Iwasa
  • Secretary: Karl Springman

Exterior Repair. Raymond’s Painting workers started on the Tower 2 06 stack this week. They expect to start work in a week or so on the 04 and 02 stacks, and plan to start on Tower 1 shortly.

In the process of repairing damaged concrete on a lanai, Raymond’s discovered severely rusted electrical conduit that will have to be replaced before the concrete can be restored. The damage appears to have been caused by excess water from the adjacent air conditioner.

Our building plans do not show these lines so we’re operating in the dark. An electrical contractor will have to replace the conduit and in the process we expect to learn just what circuits these lines serve.

Recreation Deck Maintenance. Again demonstrating their expertise and versatility, our Maintenance crew recently completed our annual pool and spa refurbishing. We repaired and replaced several areas of spalled concrete, refinished the pool coping stones and refinished the spa’s wooden enclosure. The parapet walls that surround the pool were repainted to match the new paint that is being applied to the building.

The deteriorated fence poles holding the chain link fence around the tennis court and playground areas are being replaced and the planter on the Paoakalani side of the playground will be restored when Raymond’s has finished work on those walls.


April 10, 2013

Annual Meeting Continuation. The continued meeting will reconvene on Monday, 4/15/13 at 6:30 pm at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Check in starts at 6:00 pm. I understand that we have received proxies totaling over 50% of the ownership.

Receiving better than 50% proxies gives us a good chance for a quorum, but only if everyone who has been assigned proxies claims them at the meeting. Proxies that are unclaimed will not count towards a quorum. Note that if you have not sent your proxy, the deadline for us or Hawaiiana to receive it is Thursday, 4/11/13, at 4:30 pm HST.

If you know you have been assigned proxies, please either attend the meeting and claim them or authorize someone else to do so. A simple memo, faxed or emailed from you, will serve to authorize someone else to claim your proxies.


March 28, 2013

Exterior Repair. When Raymond’s Painting began the project last November, they hoped to be able to allow some access to apartment lanais. When a lanai was rendered unsafe by the extent of concrete repair necessary, then Raymond’s crews partially blocked the lanai door, allowing the door to be opened a few inches for ventilation. In response to owner requests and Raymond’s concerns, we developed a waiver form that we hoped would enable Raymond’s to provide access to some units.

While we were trying to preserve some access to lanais, the residents of some units forced their lanai doors open and went onto the lanai while their railings were dangerously loose. Unfortunately, as often happens, the behavior of a few people affects the majority of responsible residents. Raymond’s insurance carrier has demanded that access to all units’ lanais in a stack be restricted completely while work is being done on that stack. In the context of the safety both of our residents and of Raymond’s workers, this is a reasonable demand. More to the point, it is a demand neither Raymond’s nor we can argue with. We do regret that we had no advance notice of the change in procedure. We understand and apologize for the additional inconvenience.


March 8, 2013

Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting was adjourned for lack of a quorum. Unfortunately, not enough owners sent in their proxies to allow us to have the meeting.

The meeting has been continued to 6:30 p.m., Monday, April 15, 2013 at the Pacific Beach Hotel. We will be doing additional mail outs in an effort to gather enough proxies to have the meeting.

If you sent us your proxy, it will be valid for the continued meeting.

If you did not return your proxy, please do so now. You may return it by mail, fax or email. Please note that you do not have to designate an individual to hold your proxy, you can simply designate the proxy “for quorum only” and that will count towards the necessary 50% + 1 that we need to hold the meeting.

Despite the disappointment of having to adjourn and continue the Annual Meeting to a later date, the tone of the subsequent owners’ forum was quite positive. Mahalo to those owners who stayed and participated.


February 12, 2013

Revised House Rules. Mahalo to those owners who met to review and comment on the Board-approved revisions to our House Rules; we appreciate your interest. Most of the revisions have to do with formatting, with only a couple of substantive changes.

One change extends the closing time of the sauna from 9 pm to 10 pm. Note that the saunas are located in the sixth floor restrooms. The spa is located next to the swimming pool and those hours have not changed.

The other change will require bicycles and mopeds to bear Waikiki Banyan registration stickers in order to park in our second floor moped/bicycle parking area. We are working on procedures to implement this change, which will involve the bicycle or moped owner registering the vehicle at the Admin Office.

Exterior Repair. Recent blustery winds and rain have caused some delay in the project. We expect work to start on the makai side of Tower 2 in another two weeks, weather permitting. The work will start on the 14-stack of units and progress towards the 02-stack. The quality of work Raymond’s Painting is doing continues to be at a high standard.

Owners’ Parking Permits. Parking at Waikiki Banyan is unassigned. This allows the Association to generate revenue from the garage, which helps keep your maintenance fees down. We provide parking for owners by issuing annual parking permits free of charge.

Our House Rules provide that only lawful residents or agents on site actively managing a unit may use an owner’s parking permit. Further, the House Rules state that ”... the parking privilege represented by the owner’s parking permit is not transferable, nor may it be sold, leased or rented.“

We have recently discovered that an agent has been selling or renting the parking permit in violation of our House Rules, thereby depriving the Association of income. The agent claimed not to know this was a violation. Just as with other laws and regulations, ignorance of our House Rules is no excuse for violating them.


January 18, 2013

Annual Meeting. The Association’s Annual Meeting has been scheduled for Friday, February 22, 2013 at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Notices are being mailed out now. When you receive your notice, please take the time to fill out and return the enclosed proxy form so we may have a quorum for the meeting. This is especially important because so many of our owners live off-island and may not be able to attend the meeting in person.

Bulky Object Pickup. The City & County schedules bulky object collection in the Waikiki area every Saturday morning. They usually service our area about 7:30 am.

The C&C has designated the Ohua Avenue sidewalk margin adjacent to our delivery area as the pickup location for bulky objects.

Bulky objects may be put out for collection no sooner than 24 hours prior to collection; this means that you may put bulky objects out for pickup no earlier than Friday. Security will be monitoring the area and calling HPD to report violations of the 24-hour regulation, so please observe the time limit when you need to dispose of bulky objects.

Building Exterior Repair. Raymond’s is making progress on the exterior repair project. The 09 and 11 stacks of units on the mauka side of Tower 2 have been substantially completed and the rigs reassigned to other stacks.

The new paint makes the building both brighter and visually more harmonious. By comparison, the old paint looks somewhat dull and dingy.

Our inspections so far are showing that Raymond’s workers are doing high quality work in all phases of the job.

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Waikiki Banyan

   Banyan Email Updates
Please with your name and email address if you are an owner or agent and want to receive email updates about Waikiki Banyan.

Waikiki Banyan map

   Quick Contacts Waikiki Banyan Security: 24 hrs: 808-922-7172
 Waikiki Banyan Admin: 808-922-7172
 unit account questions: 808-593-6374, Marilyn at Hawaiiana Management
 cable tv problems: 808-625-8334, Oceanic’s “hotel repair” line
 certificates of insurance: 808-537-1970, Cavanah Associates
 proof of flood insurance: 808-533-8677, Atlas Insurance
 pest control treatment: 808-841-5855, Diversified Exterminators

   In-house Agents Aston: 808-922-0555
 Hawaiian Sun Holidays & Sweetwater: 808-922-0531
 Koko Resorts: 888-565-6411
 Map Vision: 808-971-0109

   Banyan Paid ParkingEffective May 1, 2013, our paid parking options available from Security at the garage entrance are $15 for 24 hours and $80 for 7 days.

Both 24-hour and 7-day parking allow unlimited in and out and are available for both residents and non-residents. You pay for either of these options when you drive into the garage.

Effective May 1, 2013, there is an overparking charge of $15 for every 24 hours, or any portion of that time, a car is parked past the expiration of its parking ticket. There is a lost ticket charge of $30. Note that there are no refunds of 24-hour or 7-day paid parking charges, so be sure of the option you want.

   Banyan Rentals

Please do not contact us about rentals. We manage Waikiki Banyan’s common elements but we are not realtors and we have no information regarding rental or sales of Waikiki Banyan units. The Association has no contact person for such information.

If you are at Waikiki Banyan you can check our lobby bulletin boards, where owners and agents often post information about apartment rentals or sales.

Check one of our in-house agents, listed above, or the local media for information on available units.

   Flood InsuranceWe’ve heard from many owners over the years that their lenders require them to pay for additional flood insurance because the lenders think we are under-insured. As we have explained many times, and as explained in our FAQ, the configuration of Waikiki Banyan mandates certain coverage and we are, in fact, fully insured.

If you need a copy of the current flood insurance declarations page for your lender, you can download and print out this PDF version.

A lender may require additional insurance, but it’s a choice the lender makes and not a FEMA requirement, as some lenders have claimed.

 • our flood insurance memo
 • FEMA flood insurance guide

   Disaster PreparednessThe Association does not have the resources to provide supplies like flashlights and batteries to everyone in the building. Owners, agents and residents of Waikiki Banyan should think about maintaining their own kits of emergency supplies.

You can find advice on what to think about for your disaster preparedness kit at the state’s Civil Defense website and more detailed information at this DHS-affiliated website.

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