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 Banyan News in Brief

April 8, 2016

Pool Maintenance. Last year we did major work on the deck surrounding the swimming pool. This led to a revision of our drain line replacement schedule.

I thought we would not need to close the pool for maintenance this year, but Maintenance has informed me that we need to do some work on the pool’s coping stones. This will require us to close the pool for a week.

We plan to close the pool from May 9 to May 14. The pool work will not affect the drain line schedule; we expect to start work on the Tower 1, 13-stack of units on May 5.

T1, 13 stack schedule

Drain Line Replacement. We are nearly finished with the Tower 2, 13-stack drain line replacement. After the T2 13-stack is finished, we will move to the 13-stack in Tower 1.

In addition to the unit drain lines, we are replacing sections of laundry room drains. These drain lines, especially in Tower 1, are subject to blockage from the volume of water discharged by our washing machines. We are adding cleanouts as we work on these pipes, which will make maintenance easier and should allow us to keep the lines clear without having to replace them frequently.

Board Officers. At the recent regular meeting of our Board of Directors, Mike McGuire stepped down from the office of President. Elected as President was former Vice-President Bob Ivanoff.

The Board elected former Treasurer Kini Olegario to be Vice-President, and Lorimegan Black was elected Treasurer.

March 1, 2016

2016 Annual Meeting. Mahalo to all owners who attended, in person or by proxy, our 2016 Annual Meeting. We achieved a quorum of over 55% and were able successfully to conduct necessary Association business, including the election of directors.

Special thanks to the staff of Hawaiiana Management who handled check-in, distribution of proxies and counting of ballots. Mahalo nui loa!

Re-elected to the Board were Directors Kenji Iwasa, John Wong and Dick Eide. We welcome Lorimegan Black as a first-time member of our Board.

  • 2016 Officers & Directors
  • Mike McGuire: President
  • Bob Ivanoff: Vice-President
  • Kini Olegario: Treasurer
  • Kenji Iwasa: Secretary
  • Lorimegan Black: Director
  • Shraga Dachner: Director
  • Dick Eide: Director
  • Lou Palmer: Director
  • John Wong: Director
T2, 13 stack schedule

Drain Line Replacement. We are about halfway through the Tower 2, 13-stack drain line replacement. The work has gone smoothly and many owners have taken advantage of the opportunity to replace their corroded unit drain lines.

After the T2 13-stack is finished, we will move to the 13-stack in Tower 1. The move from Tower 2 to Tower 1 is scheduled for about the time when we usually do our annual pool area maintenance. Since we performed major maintenance work around the pool last year, we do not expect to have to shut down the pool for maintenance this year.

Board of Directors

Bob Ivanoff Kini Olegario Kenji Iwasa Shraga Dachner Dick Eide Mike McGuire Lou Palmer John Wong

Outstanding Staff 2016

Roxanne Tabudlo: 2015 Joey Limos: January 2016 Rocky Higgins: February 2016 Benny Antonio: March 2016 Archie Suico: 1st Quarter 2016
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Updated April 18 2016

Rec Deck: No Smoking

no smoking symbol

Smoking is prohibited on the recreation deck.

The Revised Ordinances of Honolulu (ROH) prohibit smoking (outside of the residential units) within 20' of our building. This prohibition includes the garage and lobby.

Banyan Rentals

The Association does not rent apartments. The Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) manages Waikiki Banyan’s common elements but we are not realtors and we have no information regarding rental or sales of Waikiki Banyan units. The Association has no contact person for such information.

However, if you contemplate renting online, we may be able to help you avoid being scammed by verifying the information you receive.

Check one of our in-house agents or the local media for information on available units.

Banyan Paid Parking

Effective February 1, 2015, paid parking available from Security at the garage entrance is $20 for 24 hours.

24-hour parking allows unlimited in and out and is available for both residents and non-residents. You pay when you drive into the garage.

Effective February 1, 2015, there is an overparking charge of $20 for every 24 hours, or any portion of that time, a car is parked past the expiration of its parking ticket. There is a lost ticket charge of $30. There are no refunds of paid parking charges.

Disaster Preparedness

The Association does not have the resources to provide supplies like flashlights and batteries to everyone in the building. Owners, agents and residents of Waikiki Banyan should think about maintaining their own kits of emergency supplies.

You can find advice on what to think about for your disaster preparedness kit at the state’s Civil Defense website and more detailed information at this DHS-affiliated website.