Aloha WB Ohana,
As part of our continuing efforts for property improvements, we will be starting the LED Lighting Retrofit Project on Tuesday, October 10th.  This capital/reserve project will be done by Energy Industries and will start with the installation of NEW LED Lights and Fixtures in our parking garage.
We will be temporarily blocking of sections and parking stalls in the garage during the install process and the initial section that we will be working on will be on the 2nd level in the Mauka end (Tower 2) of the garage and working our way through the 2nd level down to Makai end (Tower 1) and then moving to the 3rd level and so forth up to the 5th level in the coming weeks.  (NOTE:  Please be aware of the coned and closed off areas in garage and use alternate parking stalls during this process).
Due to the layout of the garage and logistics for traffic, we will do the 1st level and sub-basement areas last and any other areas that need to be completed in garage and then we will be moving on to the other common areas of both towers and property. 

We are estimating that the entire project with installations will last approximately 7-8 weeks and will be completed by years end.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your cooperation and patience during this important project. 
Sterling Paulos|General Manager
AOAO Waikiki Banyan
201 Ohua Ave. Ste T2-306
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815