Aloha Fellow Owners,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring season. Well here we are, already moving into the summer. The GM and staff have been working hard at our spring cleaning activities from power washing, painting, repairing and trashing (tossing out the junk we should have never had) to landscaping, pruning and replacing old, ugly stuff (like the trash bins). Now time to start moving into those pre-summer activities like completely draining and cleaning the pool (we’re not sure when draining of the pool was last done); replacing the Mango tree (finally got C&C permits) with some nice Palms, and cleaning the trash chutes (Yahoo!)

Your Board, along with the GM and Hawaiiana has been working hard towards completing some of the actions started last year including:

– The Fire Alarm System Replacement (now complete pending some minor work and obtaining Fire Marshall Approval)

– The CCTV System upgrade (done)

– Tower 1, Unit 604 rental (previously resident manager’s unit repurposed for unit rental with all proceeds being added to the general AOAO revenue fund).

– Parking fee addition providing for up to 4 hours parking for $10 (A pilot program which will be assessed at the next BOD meeting.)

– Expanding the Bicycle Parking Area to both areas of the cage (Done)

– Hiring our new Security Manager. Gilbert has been working split shifts, holds down the fort on Saturdays, and has quickly come up to speed. (Done)

– Installing 60 new Lockers in the laundry rooms (50% done)

– Updating our staff’s radio/communications systems (Done)

– Hot water storage tank repair (done)

– Water Heat Pump replacement for the pool (done – pool is nice and warm!)

– The Drain Line Replacement Project re-starting soon. (Permits have been obtained allowing us to re-start this project in the very near future)

Your Board members, along with the GM and Hawaiiana, have also been active in finalizing studies geared towards improving our facilities and services. These include:

– A new garage management system (Revenue increase with proposals planned at July BOD Meeting)

– LED lighting for the common areas (3 proposals have been received and are being prepared for BOD Review. Safety, appearance and cost savings project with less than 3 year payback)

– Proposals on the needed 5th/6th floor structural repair work. (Deferred Maintenance Issues that can no longer be deferred. Three proposals recently received will send out for BOD review soon)

– A review of parking policies and rules (improve utilization and safety)

– A review of personnel and admin policies and rules (covering processes & procedures, conduct, benefits, retirement, pay scale, etc. The New Employee Manual should be done by end of May.

– Reserve Study Review (We have ordered a 3rd party Level 1 Reserve Study from a Board selected professional company. The study is planned to be reviewed by the BOD in early June.)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Board members and management staff for their efforts, input and recommendations, and support of these important actions.

Our next regular Board meeting is scheduled for 11 July 2017, although we may have a special Board meeting in early June to review the Reserve Study Results.

Our regular Board meetings are always preceded with an owner’s forum and I encourage you to attend if possible. Your input (comments, suggestions, feedback) is very important to the Board members and helps us stay on the right path. If you’re not able to attend, then you can send your comments to the general manager by email ( ) or written note; and he will forward your comments on to all the Board members.

I hope you all have a great summer.

Mahalo for your support,

Bob Ivanoff