Aloha All,

Welcome to our new and improved Waikiki Banyan AOAO Website.

It’s the place to come to check on WB activities, House Rules & Regulations, News and updates.  You can also find out about parking, common area usage, and the pest Control Schedule. Please take some time to get familiar with the expanded content ranging from our AOAO Schedule to the Owners Forum Q&A.

Also, don’t forget to sign up (register) for access to the special owners area to see info on our budget/financials, Board of Director Board Meeting Minutes, special Newsletters, etc.  It’s pretty easy to sign up (I did it!)

As this is a completely new website, built from scratch, we are still in the process of updating some of the information, loading in the latest meeting minutes and financial information, etc.  We can consider our website as a “living document” that will continue to be updated, changed and improved.  Please feel free to comment and provide feedback in Owners Forum section as we always depend on your input to help improve and insure you are getting the information you need.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Owners, I’d like to thank Sterling and the Admin Team for their hard work in getting our new, improved website setup and published.  Well done!

I hope you all find this website helpful, easy to navigate and informative.

All the best and Mahalo for your support.


Robert Ivanoff

Board President & CEO

Waikiki Banyan AOAO